Worldwide Interactive Alarm Support Policy

Worldwide Interactive Alarm provides free Web-based and firmware updates/renewals.
Phone technical support requests placed during normal business hours (Mon – Fri. 9AM – 7PM PST) are free of charge until the product’s warranty has expired.

Affordable fee-based technical support is also available anytime to enable you complete mission critical tasks.

In addition, Worldwide Interactive Alarm products include a 1 year hardware warranty plus a 30-day money back guarantee.

Support Options: Worldwide Interactive Alarm offers a range of support options to meet your needs.

1. Web based support: You might find the answer you need in the Support / FAQ section in the Worldwide Interactive Alarm Reseller Portal.

2. Free technical support for the product under warranty: Prior to contacting the Worldwide Interactive Alarm technical support, you should have the following information available:

a. The customer’s associated mobile number tied to their Worldwide Interactive Alarm app

b. The customer’s mobile phone operating system (iOS, Android, or Windows)

c. Definition of the problem in detail

Free phone technical support is provided during Monday to Friday, 9AM – 7PM Pacific Standard Time. Or the reseller or customer can contact the Worldwide Interactive Alarm customer support team via email 24/7

Customer Support Phone: 888.212.2254

Customer Support Email:

3. Dedicated Reseller Support Hotline: As part of Worldwide Interactive Alarm’s reseller benefits, your call will be answered by a group of senior technicians dedicated to Worldwide Interactive Alarm’s resellers. The dedicated reseller support hotline can be found in the reseller portal or can be obtained by contacting your Worldwide Interactive Alarm sales agents.

4. Fee-based support (provided during OFF HOURS): If you are planning to install or troubleshoot a complex application outside of free support hours, this option is for you. Worldwide Interactive Alarm provides you affordable appointment-based support for $80 per hour. You will be assisted only by a senior Tier II technician to better help you resolve technical difficulties. To schedule the service, you must contact the Worldwide Interactive Alarm technical support at least one business day ahead of time.

Customer / Technical Support Benefits

In order to utilize the service and process that are dedicated to Worldwide Interactive Alarm resellers, resellers must provide a Worldwide Interactive Alarm reseller ID when you contact the Worldwide Interactive Alarm support team. The reseller ID can be found on the Worldwide Interactive Alarm invoices or can be obtained by your Worldwide Interactive Alarm sales agent.

The chart below outlines the customer / technical support benefits for Worldwide Interactive Alarm Authorized Resellers:

Worldwide Interactive Alarm Authorized Reseller – Customer / Technical Support Benefits
9AM to 7PM PST – Broad Scope Technical Support Free
Sales Engineer Support Free
Dedicated Reseller Support Line Free
High Priority Case Escalation & Process Determined by duty manager
24×7 Appointment based Tier II Technician Support Fee-based

Resolution Process:

A Worldwide Interactive Alarm Technical Support Specialist (TSS) will utilize all available resources to provide a resolution. When a resolution is not available at the time, the technician will look for a workaround with a reasonable cost-effective method until a resolution is available.

In order to keep you informed of the progress on all open issues, the TSS will update the case notes and provide you a case number at the end of the call. If you submit the issue via email, you can request a case number. The reseller or the customer will need this number if you contact Technical Support over the phone in the future. Resellers or the customers are required to provide the case number when the case is regarding an ongoing or persistent issue.

As part of the resolution process, the TSS may take the following steps and the reseller/customer is expected to follow TSS instructions to achieve the best results:

  • Review configuration / debug information to find resolution

  • Remove the Worldwide Interactive Alarm equipment to isolate the root cause

  • Duplicate the scenario / issue in the Worldwide Interactive Alarm support lab

  • Troubleshoot live on the affected equipment

  • Create an RMA when the cause of a problem is related to hardware issue or to relieve doubt that the hardware may be causing the issue, no issues were found during the troubleshooting process

  • Create an Engineering Defect Report when it is a firmware / software defect

Case Escalation Process:

Resellers can request the case be escalated to the next tier support group or to a supervisor if the Tier 1 TSS is not able to provide a satisfactory result. A case can be escalated by the TSS handling your case upon request or you can submit the request by emailing with the case number. All ongoing escalated cases are monitored by the duty manager until the case is closed. If the reseller has any concern or comment regarding the escalated cases, please email so we can better address your needs.

Defect Resolution Process:

Any firmware / software product defects (bugs) found in the field will be reported to the headquarter’s software engineering team.

TSS will work with the reseller / customer to find whether or not a workaround is available and update the reseller / customer with a possible timeline of resolution.

After the firmware / software issue is resolved, typically the update will be found in the next firmware / software release. If a firmware / software solution is needed in before the formal firmware / software update, the TSS can work with the reseller / customer to determine if a beta release can be provided.

Return Merchandising Authorization (RMA) Process:

When a hardware failure is found to be the cause of the problem or when TSS decides a hardware repair / replacement is needed to rule out the possibility of hardware defects, TSS will create an RMA.

If the TSS determines there is a hardware defect during the initial troubleshooting process, then the TSS will issue an RMA for an immediate product replacement. TSS will send an RMA email confirmation to the reseller / customer along with the shipment tracking number of the RMA replacement product. In the RMA replacement product shipment, Worldwide Interactive Alarm will also include a Pre-Paid Returned Shipment Label for the reseller / customer to send back the defective RMA product(s) within 14 days after receipt of the replacement product or the customer will be billed for the full unit at full purchase price.

If the TSS cannot determine if there is a hardware defect but the reseller / customer insists that Worldwide Interactive Alarm does a further evaluation, then the reseller / customer may send the unit back to Worldwide Interactive Alarm at their own expense. The TSS will provide the reseller / customer with an RMA authorization number and email that will need to be submitted back with product.

Worldwide Interactive Alarm’s RMA Department will carefully test and evaluate all returned products and will repair or replace products that are under warranty at no charge. (Any acts of nature or conditions of misuse are not covered under the product warranty.) When Worldwide Interactive Alarm cannot duplicate the problem or condition causing the return, the unit will be returned to the customer as is.

After Worldwide Interactive Alarm receives the defective unit, the typical turnaround time is two business days (multiple units may require up to 5 business days.) plus the time for delivery. The replacement product will be carefully selected to match the condition of the original product. In the event that the product has been discontinued or there is a lack of replacement parts, Worldwide Interactive Alarm reserves the right to replace the malfunctioning product with a product of similar or better features and functionality.

If the status of a previously issued RMA is needed, please contact Worldwide Interactive Alarm’s Technical Support team by email: The customer should state an RMA number in the email.

Gov / Ed Program:

Worldwide Interactive Alarm offers additional discounts and special pricing for those resellers in the Government and Education (Gov / Ed) sector.

Beyond an aggressive and generous discount on all Worldwide Interactive Alarm products, the Gov / Ed program features:

  • Free priority technical support

  • Field / Sales support

  • Solutions planning

  • Implementation support

  • Not For Resale (NFR) discounts

Gov / Ed Program Discounts Eligibility:

In order to qualify and be eligible for the Worldwide Interactive Alarm’s Gov / Ed Program discounts, the end customers must be:

  • Federal government agencies

  • Higher Education (University, State, & Community Colleges)

  • Teaching Hospitals

  • State and Local government agencies

  • K-12

  • Non-profit Organizations