“IoTLink” is a software OPU/Shuttle/Gateway app that connects IoT devices. It is an advanced mobile app for Android Smartphone to team up with WWAlarm cloud-app for comprehensive cellular-based mobile interactive protection alarm & awareness service powered by Miva platform.

1. Search for “iotlink” in the Google Play Store. Download, Install and Open App. There is no sign-in account needed for this App.


2. Allow the following requested permissions to successfully launching the App. The App will not function properly if permissions are not allowed.


– Once you’ve allowed system settings modification, tap on the “Back” button below

3. For first login, user will see Profile page.

4. On Profile page, user will see:

• QR code scanning – Using WWAlarm App to scan this QR code to activate IoTLink
• Serial number input – If QR scan failed, please copy and paste this serial number
• Owner ID – Upon activation, a WWAlarm owner’s name will appear at the bottom of the screen


5. QR code resides at the profile page. Control page is the home page that toggles with profile page via bottom left home icon. Before activation, the Home page status will have a mask over the page and a message: “Please use WWAlarm App to activate this device as an OPU/shuttle. Reference its QR code on Profile page.


“Online Tutorial” is a link to an online help page for IoTLink activation. Tapping on this link will redirect user to an online web page for IoTLink activation. User can tap on the “Profile” icon on bottom of the page to go back to the QR code.

On WWAlarm Apps

Integrate IoTLink app with your WWAlarm account:

1. Launch WWAlarm.

QR-Scan 2

2. Tap on the menu icon and find Device Management page, and then tap on the “+” to add OPU/Shuttle.


3. Follow the “New OPU/Shuttle” activation process.



4. Use WWAlarm app to scan QR code on IoTLink app.


5. Once QR code is scanned, your system activation is completed. The OPU/Shuttle will be listed in your Device Management. The default name of OPU/Shuttle is “IoTLink” or “IoTLinkX”, where “X” is a number, such as IoTLink2. Owner can start to add devices to this OPU/Shuttle.


6. After successful activation and owner association, Owner’s name will be reflected on Profile page (IoTLink App).

Profile Blank

7. Mask on (IoTLink App) Home page will be removed, allowing owner to change the ARM, DISARM, and STAY modes. You can start to enjoy the power of total protection from your palm.

Homepage No Mask